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Beyond our commitment to customized treatments, Woodward Chiropractic stands as a beacon of diverse expertise. Dr. Woodward's hands have worked their healing touch on Olympic and World champions, NFL players, and numerous other professional athletes. However, his expertise isn't limited to athletes. He has years of experience treating patients from all walks of life. Illustrating a depth of experience that extends from the pinnacle of sports to the everyday heroes of blue-collar work. At Woodward Chiropractic, there's no hierarchy of care; whether you're a professional athlete, dealing with the strains of white or blue collar jobs, we understand the unique demands of your body.

Dr. Woodward's versatility doesn't end there. He comfortably extends his care to all age groups, from the earliest stages of life to the golden years. Yes, that means infants to 97-year-olds—all are welcomed with open arms. He also has years of experience treating pregnancies through all trimesters. Our practice is not just about treating injuries; it's about fostering overall well-being and recognizing that everyone, regardless of age or background, deserves access to quality healthcare that understands and caters to their individual needs.

Dr. Woodward's expertise extends to the youngest members of our community, providing gentle and caring chiropractic support for infants. At the same time, he brings his healing touch to our seasoned community members, proving that wellness knows no age limit. Our doors are open to all, embracing the diversity of ages and walks of life, united by the shared goal of fostering better health and well-being for everyone.

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