Cosmetic Acupuncture

Reveal your natural beauty with our cosmetic acupuncture session, a 40-minute experience designed to enhance your skin's health and promote a vibrant complexion. This session combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern rejuvenation.

Arrive without makeup to allow us a clear view of your skin during the session. Dr. Woodward begins with a brief consultation to understand your skin's needs and your goals. Delicate acupuncture needles are then strategically placed to stimulate circulation, boost collagen, and address fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

Our focus is not just on surface aesthetics but on nurturing your skin's vitality from within. Throughout the session, relax in a serene environment where Dr. Woodward's expertise and acupuncture work together to bring out your skin's inherent radiance.

Whether you seek a refresh or want to embark on a holistic journey to skin health, our cosmetic acupuncture session offers a simple, natural, and personalized approach. Let your inner glow shine through at Woodward Chiropractic. Book one now!

$50.00 40 min

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